The Nordic Dry Desiccant Bags are what stands between you and a very large headache involving damaged cargo. These non-toxic bags protect your containerised cargo from moisture damage. This also includes mould, mildew, solidifying, fungi, corrosion, and rust building up and covering your loads due to humidity. The bags absorb these potential harmful effects and protect what really matters. The bags are designed to absorb up to two times their own weight, protecting loads for up to 3 months. We offer a single 1kg bag or a saddlebag, piccolo, and blanket combination.

  • NordicDry

    NordicDry 1Kg Magnum Strip Desiccant - CC-MAGNUM1000

    *GST Inclusive
    $15.12 *GST Inclusive

    NordicDry 1Kg Magnum Strip Desiccant With the high-absorption rate of the NordicDry 1Kg Magnum Strap Desiccant Bags, you can cover a longer area within the inside of the shipping container or trailer, protecting even more valuable cargo from moisture...

  • NordicDry

    NordicDry 1Kg Piccolo Desiccant - CC-PICCOLO1000

    *GST Inclusive
    $13.29 *GST Inclusive

    NordicDry 1Kg Piccolo Desiccant With the help of the NordicDry 1Kg Piccolo Desiccant, you will be able to effectively minimise damage claims while maximizing profits by providing efficient protection of your valuable cargo against moisture-related...

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