Threading Machines

With our supply of REMS®, Reed®, Asada®, and Rex® threading machines, you have reliability and accuracy in your hands for cutting and shaping pipe, as they are engineered with high strength for effortless operation. The REMS® Tornado, Magnum, and Aquila and the Reed® Power Drives are all excellent machines that can easily cut into pipes of different sizes and thickness, while the Asada® threading machines provide heavy-duty operation and the Rex® roll groovers is compact and lightweight for convenience.

Our detailed selection of high-performance, industrial strength threading machines features some of the very best the industry has to offer. Engineered with only high-quality materials, our threading machines provide you with power and efficiency for threading a variety of pipes.

  • REMS

    REMS R220 12mm-101mm Magnum 4010 L-T R - 380445

    REMS R220 Magnum (Up to 101mm) 4010 L-T R 12mm - 101mm - 380445 Capable of producing exceptionally round and clean threads of up to 101mm by using 6 threading dies, the REMS Magnum (up to 101mm) 4010 L-T R 12mm—101mm is the super high-performance...

  • REMS

    REMS R220 Magnum (up to 50mm) - 340227

      REMS R220 Magnum (Up to 50mm) - 340227 Engineered to be a robust, compact, high-performance machine, the REMS Magnum (up to 50mm) can be used for a variety of applications, including threading, cutting, deburring, nipple threading, and roll...

REMS® supplies a variety of versatile and efficient threading and grooving machines to help get the job done quickly and correctly. The Tornado is a proven high-performance machine that can be used for the threading, cutting, deburring, nipple threading, and roll grooving of pipes. Meanwhile, the Magnum is ideal for installation, metalworking, and industry purposes thanks to its strong build and accurate operation. If you’re looking for a more portable option, the easy-to-transport Aquila 3B is a sturdy pipe workstation with an integrated chain pipe vise on a folding tripod stand for complete control. Easily used with a machine, the vise can safely clamp pipes up to 6”. Lastly, the Unimat 75 and 77 are some of the strongest semi-automatic threading machines we offer with the ability to be used as a manual clamping device or as a hydraulic/pneumatic clamping device.

The Reed® line of threading machines features high-power, reliable equipment and tools that provide proper efficiency and accuracy for threading pipe. The 5301PD Power Drive rotates the pipe while cutting, threading, or reaming for a quick and smooth finished product, while the 601PD Power Drive offers a lightweight build with powerful torque for threading tough pipes. The 700PD Power Drive provides portability in an electric, heavy-duty package, while the 701PD Power Drive automates the threading process.

Our selection of Asada® threading machines are designed to give accurate threads for most pipe and bolt (rod) applications with smooth operation and accurate detail. The Beaver Threading Machine provides high-powered automatic threading with BSPT, NPT, BSW, UNC, UNF, Conduit and Metric threads possible in such materials as stainless, high tensile, galvanised, and mild steels to suit your application. The Bolt Threading Machine is designed for easy maintenance to ensure the machine remains at peak performance for as long as possible, and a large volume oil tank has been included in the design to provide efficient cooling and threading lubrication. A footswitch is included on all machines for safety.

Lastly, the REX® Amping Compact Threading Machine is ideal for slicing and threading pipes thanks to its small but powerful 700W series motor. Easy to use, the threading machine provides high productivity and excellent portability at only 48kg. Pipe size can be easily adjusted by simply turning the lever nut, and thread length can be adjusted via changing the lever contact.

With our supply of REMS®, Reed®, Asada®, and Rex® threading machines, you have reliability and accuracy in your hands for cutting and shaping pipe.

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