Browse our selection of detailed catalogues and references to quickly find the exact information you’re looking for! Our car carrying catalogue has everything you need to get started securing a variety of vehicles for transport, including tie-downs, straps, chains, hardware, and more. If you’re looking for a heavy-duty machine for cleaning out drainpipe, then our Spartan catalogue is a great place to look and get an idea of the solutions available. Our Lift-A-Deck and Retract-A-Roll catalogues and references provide plenty of information on how you can use those products to increase your overall efficiency and convenience when loading and unloading cargo from a van trailer. Information on function and use is also available so you have greater confidence and understanding to choose the best possible solution for your particular application.

Car Carrying Catalogue


You will find the right high-quality and reliable securement equipment you need to maintain a solid and secure grip on whatever it is that you are hauling when you take a look inside the ANC Distribution Car Carrying Catalogue. 

The ANC Distribution 2020 Cargo Catalogue contains everything we have to offer that can help improve the overall quality and performance of your cargo securement job.

The Ancra Lift-A-Deck II System is a superior innovative patented adjustable second decking system that allows you to utilise the full carrying capacity inside your trailer to your fullest advantage.

From door parts and container flooring to accessories and security seals, the ANC Distribution 2018 Container Part Catalogue contains everything you need to construct the ideal shipping container.

The Ancra Retract-A-Roll is a pneumatic roller track system that transforms your trailer into the next generation in ultra-efficient material handling systems, allowing you to load and unload cargo much more quickly.

Not only is the LiquA design safe to transport, despite its lack of a rigid bulkhead, its integrated restraint system helps stabilise the liquid contents.
Our range of varied Flexitanks are able to absorb forces that are applied to it during the shipping process and protect its contents.

Take advantage of the strength and durability of these REMS Threading Machines and their abilities to produce perfect threads onto your pipefitting systems.

This catalogue contains powerful and robust REMS Roll Grooving Machines that are more than capable of fast, economical grooving of pipes for pipe coupling systems.

Ideal speed regulation, low weight, optimal power, quick-change blade holders, and extremely powerful drive motors are just some of the features waiting in the REMS Sawing catalogue.

This collection of REMS Cutting, Chamfering, and Deburring tools have both the strength and the power to produce clean cuts on pipes and then efficiently clear away any leftover burrs.

From durable wrenches and pliers to solid foldable workbenches, this collection of REMS Assembling items are engineered to provide you with additional support during your job.

In this catalogue, you will learn more about the different types of hand pressure testing pumps, electric pressure testing pumps, and electric filling and flushing units REMS has to offer.

With nearly any kind of products available within this catalogue, you will be able to achieve the perfect dimensionally accurate bend in your tough pipes.

Look through the many various and durable Radial Press Tools and pressing and cropping tongs that REMS have available in this incredibly detailed and informative catalogue.

You will be able to find the right REMS Axial Press Tools for producing compression sleeve joints onto your pipes all within this detailed catalogue.

Learn more about the REMS Eskimo and the REMS Frigo 2 in this catalogue if you’re looking for reliable tools for easy and fast freezing of pipes that are not drained.

The REMS Endoscope cameras and inspections systems allow you to peek inside the drainpipes while the REMS cleaning machines take care of the messes.

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