ANC Distribution is a leading supplier of plastic pallets in New Zealand! ANC Distributions plastic pallets offer distinct safety, ease-of handling, durability, and sanitation advantages over wood or metal pallets. A plastic pallet will not rot or rust, and it will not damage your products during storage or shipment. Wooden pallets can absorb moisture from fruits and vegetables, but with a plastic pallet, you don’t need to worry! If you have special requirements or are facing unique applications, we have just the plastic pallet for you.

New Pallets

Looking to improve on usability, sanitation, and durability for your pallets? Trust ANC Distribution to provide the very best and most economical products in the industry. Our selection of new plastic pallets offer unique benefits over wood or metal pallets. Unlike wooden pallets, plastic pallets don’t rot, decay, absorb moisture from fruits or vegetables, or break as easily. Metal pallets are heavy and can rust as well, but our plastic pallets retain their structural integrity for longer while being lightweight and easy to handle! These qualities make new plastic pallets a safe and durable solution to palletising, moving, and hauling cargo.

These new plastic pallets are fully water-resistant and can endure extreme low temperatures without risk to their integrity for years of use. Easily sterilised at temperatures reaching 120°C and cleaned with a high-pressure wash, our new pallets are incredibly hygienic and both fast and simple to clean in the case of spills or leaks. The plastic pallets’ non-absorbent material is impervious to odours, acids, fats, and solvents as well, making them perfect for hauling a wide variety of cargo types cross-country. When you’re ready to get rid of your pallets, they can be recycled as they are made from 100% recyclable feedstock.

New Pallets
Used Pallets

If you’re looking for the most economical manner of purchasing and using pallets you can rely on, then go with ANC Distribution’s used plastic pallets from the Plastic Pallet Company. These pallets remain in proper working condition despite previous use with shipping or storing cargo. This is, in part, due to their highly durable plastic construction. Unlike wood or metal pallets, plastic pallets don’t rot or rust respectively, and retain their structural integrity for years. Plastic pallets are also fully non-absorbent and water-resistant, meaning they’re impervious to odours, acids, fats, and solvents, and won’t absorb moisture from fruits or vegetables. Should a leak or spill occur, you can quickly and easily clean the pallets with a high-pressure wash and sterilise them at temperatures reaching 120°C for a fully hygienic cargo hauling solution. These plastic pallets are even ideal for cross-country cargo hauling in nearly any weather thanks to their ability to withstand extreme cold temperatures. These pallets are highly economical and 100% recyclable, and their light weight makes them easy to maneuver and use. If you want similar performance as new plastic pallets but are on a budget, you can’t go wrong with used plastic pallets from ANC Distribution.

Used Pallets

Plastic pallets feature many favourable characteristics that contribute to their durability and long-lasting performance. With water-resistance and the ability to withstand extremely low temperatures, our plastic pallets are an excellent choice for cross-country hauling, no matter the weather. Plastic pallets are very hygienic, as they can be sterilized at temperatures reaching 120°C and can be high pressure washed. Because they are made of recycled feedstock, plastic pallets are also 100% recyclable. Plastic pallets, unlike wooden pallets, are also non-absorbent and impervious to odours, acids, fats or solvents.

Used Plastic Pallets

Used plastic pallets have been used to ship or store products but are still in working condition. Due to their long lives and durability, buying used plastic pallets is a very economical choice. Plastic pallets are designed to be used for several years and typically offer the same high performance as newer models at a much lower cost. If you’re tight on a budget or want to save some cash, you can’t go wrong with a quality used plastic pallet.

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