Work Benches

With an abundance of high-quality, long-lasting assembling items that have been designed to fully support the assembling process, ANC Distribution stands ready to help make the pipefitting process as smooth as possible. Our solid surface work benches offer high control and stability to make pipefitting, pipe assembly, and pipe testing as streamlined and easy as possible with a high-quality build and plenty of surface to work with. These work benches are essential for your workspaces to improve your speed and efficiency.

We offer two models of sturdy, reliable, universal workbenches from REMS® to help give you a proper foundation; the Jumbo and the Jumbo E. Featuring a lightweight design with fast and easy assembly and disassembly at lightning speed, the worktops are also incredibly durable, with a weather-proof surface that is glued, impregnated, vice-proof, tear-proof, flat, torsion-free, and impact- and splinter-resistant thanks to steel edge protection.

  • REMS

    REMS Cordless LED Lamp - 175200

    *GST Inclusive
    $106.26 *GST Inclusive

    REMS LED Lamp - 175200 To prevent injuries caused by poor visibility when working in dark places, trust the illuminating power of the REMS LED Lamp. Practical and lightweight, this versatile lamp can be used in the hand or as a standing lamp that...

  • REMS

    REMS Aquila Work Bench - 120250

    REMS Aquila Work Bench - 120250 The REMS Aquila Work Bench features a robust chain pipe vise for securing to a workbench, offering essential support and convenience while on the job. The die-cast structure of the base plate is sturdy and torsion-free...

  • REMS

    REMS Jumbo E - 120240

    *GST Inclusive
    $606.01 *GST Inclusive

    REMS Jumbo E - 120240 Rely on the strength and stability of the REMS Jumbo E worktop when working on pipes and tubes. Designed for universal use at the building site or in your workshop, the Jumbo E allows you to take on a variety of applications with...

  • REMS

    REMS Jumbo: Beech Multiplex - 120200

    *GST Inclusive
    $910.40 *GST Inclusive

    REMS Jumbo: Beech Multiplex - 120200 If you need a safe and comfortable space to work on your pipes, go with the REMS Jumbo: Beech Multiplex. This folding workbench is sturdy, lightweight, and easy to carry, meaning you can easily bring it to and from...

  • REMS

    REMS Herkules 3B - 120120

    *GST Inclusive
    $689.03 *GST Inclusive

    REMS Herkules 3B - 120120 For easily handling rotating pipe, stationary pipe, and solid material, go with the trusted strength of the REMS Herkules 3B, which features a vertically adjustable material support with roller guidance. Two stainless steel ball...

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