Container Solutions

ANC Distribution container products represent the very best in the intermodal freight industry with high-quality, universal materials and components you can rely on. From doors, accessories, decals, panels, safety gear, and more, trust ANC Distribution to deliver dependable cargo solutions for freight containers!

Door Parts & Accessories

Incredibly easy to install onto your shipping container, these handy door parts are designed to help you construct a solid and durable opening to your container that grants you quick and easy access to the cargo that you have stored inside. From the nuts and bolts to the gaskets and handles, we carry exactly what you need to build the proper door for your dry box or reefer container. We have locking equipment and security seals for shipping containers, trucks, rail wagons, bonded stores, or general applications. We also have door gaskets that keep the container sealed up from the inside, preventing moisture from getting in.

Door Parts & Accessories
Container Accessories

With a vast array of straps and tie-downs, jack bars, gloves, and more, ANC Distribution offers you some of the very best in shipping container accessories, so you have the most options to tackle nearly any freight job. Our selection of gloves features tough, long-lasting materials suitable for a range of applications, while our tie-downs are made from high-quality polyester webbing for strength and durability. Our jack bars are perfect for separating cargo and boast a heavy-duty construction you can depend on.

Container Accessories
Container Sheets/Panels

Well-fitting Container Sheets and Panels are available for your container space. Aluminum and stainless sheets provide proper coverage as well as Corten flat sheets. Built to be both lightweight and durable, these sheets come in a variety of sizes, and all other sheet sizes are available upon request.

Container Sheets/Panels
Container Consumables

ANC Distribution provides a healthy selection of shipping container consumables to improve your efficiency and add convenience on the job. With a wide range of silicone adhesives for waterproofing and sealing, abrasives for cutting, grinding, and sanding, and specialty hardware, you can get a leg up on tackling general-purpose repairs and maintenance to increase the lifespan of your shipping container.

Container Consumables
Reefer Parts

With a selection of shipping container door frames, moulding, and drain systems, ANC Distribution helps you keep your cargo properly refrigerated with our line of container reefer parts. High-quality plastic construction ensures a proper seal on the door as well as excellent strength-to-weight properties. Built heavy-duty, all our reefer parts are designed to handle the tough, daily demands of transport operations and last for years.

Reefer Parts
  • Ancra Cargo

    Padlock - Smart Fingerprint Biometric

    *GST Inclusive
    $82.28 *GST Inclusive

    The Easy-to-use Smart Fingerprint Padlock turns your fingerprint into a key. No need to find a key, simply press and hold your finger onto the padlock - and your open. It's that simple. Keyless and portable, made out of solid brass material, this...

  • Secure A Load

    Secure-A-Load 6.0mm High Cube Corten Sheet - ST6.0H

    Secure-A-Load High Cube 6.0mm Corten Sheet - ST6.0H With the dependable, lasting strength of the High Cube 6.0mm Corten Sheet, you have an ideal container replacement sheet that withstands regular transport. Made from high-quality corten steel, this...

  • Secure A Load

    Secure-A-Load 6.0mm Corten Sheet - ST6.0

    Secure-A-Load 6.0mm Corten Sheet - ST6.0 Other materials don't stand up to tough conditions, but the 6.0mm Corten Sheet is a high-performance replacement for your shipping container. Boasting high strength and resilience, this quality corten sheet is...

  • Secure A Load

    Secure-A-Load 4.5mm Corten Sheet - ST4.5

    Secure-A-Load 4.5mm Corten Sheet - ST4.5 When you need a quality, long-lasting replacement sheet for your shipping container that stands up to abuse, go with the 4.5mm Corten Sheet. This container sheet has been made from high-quality corten steel, which...

  • Secure A Load

    Secure-A-Load 3.0mm Corten Sheet - ST3.0

    Secure-A-Load 3.0mm Corten Sheet - ST3.0 When you need a strong, rugged, and convenient replacement sheet for your shipping container, go with the reliable 3.0mm Corten Sheet. This container sheet features a tough corten steel construction, which grants...

  • Secure A Load

    Secure-A-Load 2.0mm Corten Sheet - ST2.0

    Secure-A-Load 2.0mm Corten Sheet - ST2.0 Trust the convenience, strength, and resilience of the 2.0mm Corten Sheet when you need a long-lasting replacement sheet for your shipping container. Manufactured from high-quality corten steel, this container...

  • Secure A Load

    Secure-A-Load 1.6mm High Cube Corten Sheet - ST1.6H

    Secure-A-Load High Cube 1.6mm Corten Sheet - ST1.6H The rugged, reliable construction of the High Cube 1.6mm Corten Sheet makes it an ideal shipping container replacement piece that can take on tough conditions. Thanks to a high-quality corten build,...

  • Secure A Load

    Secure-A-Load 1.6mm Corten Sheet - ST1.6

    Secure-A-Load 1.6mm Corten Sheet With the convenience and strength of 1.6mm Corten Sheet for shipping containers, you have a long-lasting replacement part you can rely on in any conditions. Thanks to its high-quality corten steel construction, this...

  • Evacut

    Evacut 7.0mm HSS Jobber Drill Bit - DRILL7.0E

    *GST Inclusive
    $8.43 *GST Inclusive

    7.0mm Evacut HSS Jobber Drill Bit - DRILL7.0E For efficient, consistent, and general-purpose drilling, go with the reliable strength and optimal design of the 7.0mm Evacut HSS Jobber Drill Bit. A high-speed steel construction supports highly efficient...

  • Evacut

    Evacut 6.5mm HSS Jobber Drill Bit - DRILL6.5E

    *GST Inclusive
    $7.24 *GST Inclusive

    6.5mm Evacut HSS Jobber Drill Bit - DRILL6.5E With the rugged strength and dependable speed of the 6.5mm Evacut HSS Jobber Drill Bit, you have an ideal solution for general purpose drilling. Suitable for both machine and handheld drilling, this drill bit...

  • Evacut

    Evacut 6.0mm HSS Jobber Drill Bit - DRILL6.0E

    *GST Inclusive
    $5.16 *GST Inclusive

    6.0mm Evacut HSS Jobber Drill Bit - DRILL6.0E Thanks to a high-quality build, the 6.0mm Evacut HSS Jobber Drill Bit is an ideal, reliable solution for daily general-purpose drilling. Made from high-speed steel, this drill bit features the necessary...

  • Evacut

    Evacut 5.5mm HSS Jobber Drill Bit - DRILL5.5E

    *GST Inclusive
    $4.94 *GST Inclusive

    5.5mm Evacut HSS Jobber Drill Bit - DRILL5.5E When you require efficient and consistent general-purpose drilling, go with the dependable 5.5mm Evacut HSS Jobber Drill Bit to get the job done. This drill bit provides all the necessary features to...

  • Evacut

    Evacut 5.0mm HSS Jobber Drill Bit - DRILL5.0E

    *GST Inclusive
    $4.37 *GST Inclusive

    5.0mm Evacut HSS Jobber Drill Bit - DRILL5.0E Trust the superior strength and performance of the 5.0mm Evacut HSS Jobber Drill Bit when you need to quickly and consistently drill in different materials. Manufactured from high-quality, high-speed steel,...

Door Parts

We offer a wide selection of standard parts of container door locking equipment for both standard dry boxes and reefer containers. With featured diagrams and comprehensive product details, our catalog provides you with everything you need to find appropriate equipment. Made with high-quality materials and smooth components, all our container door parts meet our high standards. We have available most of the variances that can be found to these standard parts. If you cannot find the part you want please enquire with our staff.

Door Security

We offer several different types of security seals for trucks, shipping containers, rail wagons, bonded stores, or general application. All of our tamper evident seals are impossible to open without destroying or visibly damaging the seal, therefore preventing theft and/or contamination of goods in transit or storage. With bolt and plastic strip seals, you can choose the best security for your applications.

Flooring Accessories

All our container plywood is manufactured to comply with all necessary safety standards, has been treated with Basileum SI-84 (with regard to Australian regulations), and meets all food grade requirements, meaning you can be confident using ANC Distribution container flooring accessories for all types of cargo. We can supply other plywood sizes, as well as Bamboo Eco plywood, upon request. Minimum order quantities and lead times apply for these product requests.


We offer a variety of decals to personalize your container for your business and shipping applications, including individual letters and numbers, weight panels, general info decals, and inspection labels and plates. We also offer a range of colors to choose from, meaning you have full control over your containers.

Container Sheets/Panels

ANC Distribution container sheets and panels come in a variety of sizes to suit your shipping applications and are available in aluminum, stainless steel, and corten steel for high-strength and long-lasting durability you can depend on for storing cargo! All other aluminum sheet sizes are available upon request. Please contact your local branch for more information regarding your requirements. Sheet sizes may vary occasionally for corten sheets; please check the size you require when ordering.

Corten Headers

Corten headers have a special alloy construction that allows them to endure long-term use when exposed to the elements. Without the need for painting and the long-lasting durability, ANC Distribution corten headers make up a strong, integral part of intermodal freight containers and can be depended on for years to come.

Roof Panels

All ANC Distribution freight container roof panels are made of high-quality corten weathering steel for long-lasting strength and durability. Their special alloy construction allows them to last longer than conventional steel when exposed to weather, making them perfect for global intermodal transportation. Choose from a selection of corrugation options to match your own business and transportation needs.

Wall Panels

ANC Distribution container wall panels are built to last! Made of corten weathering steel, our side panels will last for years against the harsh conditions of daily intermodal freight operations thanks to their ability to resist corrosion. Cronos side panels are made upon request and feature improved durability for reliable, long-lasting performance.

Corten Channels

Corten channels are made of weathering steel and resist corrosion even when exposed to the harsh elements common in intermodal freight operations. All ANC Distribution corten channels and angles are available in the standard sizes listed. Other sizes are available on request.

Corten Door Sills

We offer container door and front sills, which are made of corten weathering steel, meaning they don’t need to be painted and resist corrosion on their own after being exposed to weather conditions over time.

Corner Posts

ANC Distribution corner posts are offered in front, rear, rear insert, and top rail configurations. Made of corten weathering steel, the material doesn’t need paint as it will form a stable, rust-colored exterior after being exposed to years of weather.

Reefer Parts

ANC Distribution offers a full selection of reefer container parts and accessories to keep your containers in top shape for consistent freight operations over land or sea. With side and top rails, flooring, covings, kazoos, drain plugs, and more, our selection of reefer parts can help keep you on top of your game.

Container Accessories

ANC Distribution container accessories give you more options to take on the harsh daily conditions of intermodal freight operations with confidence and efficiency. Our offering of castings, straps, jack bars, gloves, and more allows you the freedom to the at your peak.

Container Consumables

Our consumables include silicone sealants for waterproofing and general-purpose use, as well as cutting, grinding, and sanding abrasives, and hardware so you can keep your containers in top shape year-round. Using ANC Distribution container consumables can help improve your efficiency, while maintenance can improve the longevity of your containers.

Twist Locks

ANC Distribution twist locks feature smooth operation and super strong steel construction for the highest-quality lock on intermodal shipping containers. Their superior strength and durability make them ideal for daily use and long travel distances. We offer full twist locks as well as twist lock guts, standard handles, and replacement parts. ANC Distribution twist locks fit seamlessly into our corner castings, as well as any standard freight container corner casting for universal transport applications.

ANC Distribution container products represent the very best in the intermodal freight industry with high-quality materials and components you can rely on.

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