Reo Sac Bladder Tank

The Reo Sac® from ANC Distribution is a revolutionary reinforced bladder tank that features rigid fittings and no moving parts. This tank feature pipes that are supported by a steel mounting plate and frame, which keep the pipes firmly fixed into place while removing any stress from them. Additional strength comes from its use of superior overlap welds and folded corners, providing an extra layer of stability and durability.

  • Reo Sac

    Waterplex Stainless Steel Reo Sac Bladder Tanks

    Waterplex Reo Sac Stainless Steel Bladder Tanks As the leading reinforced under house and under deck water storage solution in the country, Waterplex Stainless Steel Reo Sac Bladder Tank is the ideal addition to your property. What makes this water tank...

  • Reo Sac

    Waterplex Reo Sac Bladder Tanks

    Waterplex Reo Sac Bladder Tanks The Waterplex Reo Sac Bladder Tank is the market leading reinforced bladder tank water storage solution that comfortably sits under your house or under your deck, taking up all that wasted space and putting it to good use...

The Reo Sac® water bladder tank is the leading reinforced under-house and under-deck water storage solution for you because:

  • It "borrows" the steel mounting plate that supports and protects the pipe work from its stable mate, the Eco Sac® bladder tank.
  • There is a huge range of standard sizes. If we don't have the right size for your home or business, we will make a custom size for you (we don't even charge a premium for custom made bladder tanks!)
  • It uses superior overlap welds and folded corners for extra strength.
  • Reo Sac® bladder tanks are Australian owned and made. They come with a 10-year pro-rata warranty on material and workmanship.

Why is Reo Sac® the best reinforced water bladder tank solution?

The design of the Reo Sac® bladder tank is widely recognised as the best reinforced bladder tank solution because:

  • The steel mounting plate attached to the steel frame fixes the pipe location and removes any stress from the pipes. It is critical that rigid pipes are not put under stress.
  • The side entry fittings are standard fittings that plumbers connect every day. That means any plumber can install the Reo Sac® bladder tank.
  • All fittings are permanently accessible for on-going maintenance.
  • The Reo Sac® bladder tank has a market leading 100mm. inlet ensuring delivery of the maximum amount of rainwater to your bladder tank without water backing up downpipes which can happen if you have a tank with a 50mm. inlet.
  • The Reo Sac® air vent is the largest standard air vent in the market. A large air vent is critical to ensure that your bladder tank is not put under pressure in significant rainfall events due to air being pushed into the bladder tank by rainwater.
  • Each and every Reo Sac® bladder tank is tested before it leaves the factory and is assigned a unique serial number for warranty tracking.

All Reo Sac® products are available via the ANC Distribution national network of resellers in Sydney NSW, Melbourne VIC, Brisbane QLD, Adelaide SA, Perth WA and Canberra ACT.

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