Pressure Test Pumps

Our selection of test pumps from REMS® and Reed® include universal, stainless steel, electric, electronic, solar-push, and hydrostatic pumps to ensure all pipes are working properly. Our pumps are built tough to meet the high demands necessary for a quality pipefitting job done right. Jobsite-proven with a sturdy design and efficient operation, you can easily depend on our line of test pumps time after time.

  • REMS

    REMS E-Push 2 - Electric Test Pump - 115500

    *GST Inclusive
    $1,494.66 *GST Inclusive

    REMS E-Push 2 – Electric Test Pump - 115500 For ideal pressure and tightness tests of piping systems and receptacles, trust the dependable electric power of the REMS E-Push 2. The E-Push 2 is a universal pump that can be used effectively for a...

  • REMS

    REMS Multi Push SL Set - 115610

    REMS Multi-Push SL Set - 115610 The REMS Multi-Push SL Set for a powerful method of flushing and pressure testing unit with an oil-free compressor to efficiently test pipe systems. Compact but strong, this unit can perform more than 10 automatically...

  • REMS

    REMS Solar Push: K 60 - 115312

    REMS Solar Push: K 60 - 115312 For fast, easy filling, flushing, and venting of closed systems all in one action, go with the reliable power of the REMS Solar Push: K 60. With a centrifugal pump, this powerful electric filling and flushing unit is...

  • REMS

    REMS Solar Push: I 80 - 115311

    REMS Solar Push: I 80 - 115311 When you’re looking for a quality, accurate pressure tester for pipe systems and receptacles, look to the REMS Solar Push: I 80. Featuring an impeller pump, the Solar Push can handle pressures up to 0.65 MPa/605...

Able to be used for plumbing, heating, solar system and sprinkler installations, oil installations, boiler and pressure vessel building, and compressed air, steam, and cooling systems, the REMS® Push and Push INOX are an ideal addition to your arsenal for testing pipe. Thanks to high pumping capacity with a long stroke and fine pressure adjustments at short pushes, these test pumps are excellent choices, along with the E-Push 2 for you to test water and oil pressure.

The REMS® Multi-Push SL Set and the REMS Multi-Push SLW Set are powerful, compact, electronic flushing and pressure testing units that feature oil-free compressors for convenience and smooth operation. Ideal for water or water/air mixture flushing, they can be easily used for disinfection, cleaning, pipe system maintenance, and pressure testing.

With the REMS® Solar-Push K60, you have plenty of power for filling, flushing, and venting pipe systems in a single action with electric filling and flushing. Powerful and dependable, the Solar-Push K60 makes an excellent addition to your equipment set when operating with solar power systems, ground heat systems, and underfloor and wall heating.

The Reed® Hydrostatic Test Pumps are designed to test water meters, plumbing lines, pressure vessels, solar systems, and sprinkler systems in both residential and commercial buildings, making it a great universal option. With their portable design, they can even be used to test modest irrigation lines. The pump has a relief valve that reduces the likelihood of over-pressuring the system so you have less to worry about while on the job.

Our selection of reliable pressure test pumps from REMS® and Reed® include universal, stainless steel, electric, electronic, solar-push, and hydrostatic pumps.

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