Valve Wheel Wrenches

Gain a better grip over hand-operated valve wheels with the help of our selection of Reed® valve wheel wrenches. They are specially designed to provide secure leverage when opening and closing valves. Designed with two open ends of differing sizes, they allow for more versatility. The wrenches have been manufactured for superior strength and handling.


Reed® valve wheel wrenches grip the rims of hand valve wheels securely and provide leverage for opening and closing, making them the ideal solution for handling hard-to-open valves. Choose a wrench based on the hook opening. The hooks work without gouging the wheel rim, making the job far safer. OSHA inspectors can assess penalties for using a pipe wrench on a valve wheel rim as wrench teeth can leave sharp burrs on the wheel rim, which result in hand injuries. VKVW fits standard valve nuts and is made of heavy-duty mechanical steel tubing, while VWALP1 and VWALP2 offer a low-sparking benefit due to their aluminum-magnesium alloy construction. They also bend before they break, thus warning users of excess loads.

Operator’s Wrench

The double-ended RF10 has forged alloy steel pipe wrench jaws on one end and a V0 size valve wheel wrench hook on the opposite end. The cast alloy steel RF10 is designed for gripping pipe, test plugs, packing glands, and flange nuts. A hook end assists in opening and closing valves while the length of the wrench provides plenty of needed leverage. The hook end fits hand valve wheels (up to 5/8” rims) without gouging the wheel. Use of the RF10 prevents problems with leaving sharp burrs on valve wheel rims, which can cause hand injuries. The handle is painted with a chemical-resistant powder coating for long-lasting durability and dependability.

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