Chain Wrenches

For the hard-to-reach areas that normal standard wrenches can’t reach, our selection of reliable Reed® chain wrenches can get the job done. These wrenches can be used in either direction for tightening or loosening, and they feature improved gripping and are built to withstand the harshest of demands of pipefitting applications.

You can easily use a chain wrench to turn any pipe shape in close quarters. Dual reversible (and therefore, more economical) jaws permit ratchet action in either direction without removing the chain wrench from the pipe for smooth and quick operation, no matter the pipe shape. The unique Reed® in-line handle and jaw design allows the user to rest the wrench on the pipe while placing the chain in the chain slots, making operation far easier without the need to manually hold the wrench up.

  • Reed

    REED 1,524mm Chain Wrench - 02090

    *GST Inclusive
    $1,724.01 *GST Inclusive

    REED 1,524mm Chain Wrench - 02090 The REED 1,524mm Chain Wrench is our strongest chain wrench for easily handling oddly shaped DIAMETER 48-225mm pipes, even in close quarters. Built with high-tensile ductile iron, this wrench boasts excellent durability...

  • Reed

    REED 1,219mm Chain Wrench - 02080

    *GST Inclusive
    $1,031.93 *GST Inclusive

    REED 1,219mm Chain Wrench - 02080 With the versatility and strength of the REED 1,219mm Chain Wrench, you can quickly and easily handle oddly shaped DIAMETER 33-168mm pipes. This chain wrench is an excellent choice when needing to work with pipes in...

  • Reed

    REED 914mm Chain Wrench - 02070

    *GST Inclusive
    $563.70 *GST Inclusive

    REED 914mm Chain Wrench - 02070 Odd shaped pipes from DIAMETER 21-127mm are easy to control with the versatile strength of the REED 914mm Chain Wrench. This wrench boasts superior durability and strength thanks to a high-tensile ductile iron handle and...

  • Reed

    REED 609mm Chain Wrench - 02060

    *GST Inclusive
    $274.84 *GST Inclusive

    REED 609mm Chain Wrench - 02060 Go with the REED 609mm Chain Wrench when you need extra versatility and control over oddly shaped pipes in tight spaces. Able to handle pipes ranging from DIAMETER 14-90mm, the wrench features a hefty handle made of...

  • Reed

    REED 457mm Chain Wrench - 02050

    *GST Inclusive
    $233.52 *GST Inclusive

    REED 457mm Chain Wrench - 02050 With the REED 457mm Chain Wrench, you have both the strength and versatility necessary to handle on a variety of pipe shapes in close quarters. This chain wrench is built for long-lasting performance with a tough,...

  • Reed

    REED 355mm Chain Wrench - 02040

    *GST Inclusive
    $153.77 *GST Inclusive

    REED 355mm Chain Wrench - 02040 Use the strength and versatility of the REED 355mm Chain Wrench to easily turn DIAMETER 10-60mm pipes of any shape, even in close quarters. Built from high-tensile ductile iron, the handle boasts impressive durability for...

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