ANC Distribution ensures you have the pipefitting tools needed to get the job done with complete control and high efficiency. Our vices give you the holding strength needed to keep pipe in place for cutting or other work while implementing special features to improve ease of use.

For holding up longer pipes, go with the REMS® Herkules support. Lightweight and easily maneuvered, the Herkules provides vertical adjustment for material support with roller guidance to provide support for both rotating and stationary pipe and solid material. You can easily move the material in all directions when turning, pulling, and pushing thanks to the stainless-steel roller balls. The Herkules is especially suitable for pipe installation, including cutting, thread cutting, roll grooving, welding, and soldering, and dismantles quickly and easily for transport and stocking.

  • Reed

    Reed CV8 Chain Vice - 02550

    *GST Inclusive
    $1,340.85 *GST Inclusive

    Reed CV8 Chain Vice - 02550 Hold onto the irregularly shaped pipes with ease when you use the reliable gripping power of the REED CV8 Three-Sided Jaws. These jaws can be easily and securely mounted to a truck or bench for easy access thanks to a cast...

  • Reed

    Reed CV6 Chain Vice - 02540

    *GST Inclusive
    $1,019.33 *GST Inclusive

    Reed CV6 Chain Vice - 02540 Make handling large and irregularly shaped pipes a breeze with the versatility and strength REED CV6 Three-Sided Jaws at the jobsite or at the workshop. With the CV6, you can maintain a firm grip on tough pipes thanks to the...

  • Reed

    Reed CV4 Chain Vice - 02520

    *GST Inclusive
    $558.00 *GST Inclusive

    Reed CV4 Chain Vice - 02520 The REED CV4 Three-Sided Jaws makes handling irregularly shaped pipes easy by offering swift gripping power. Maintain a firm and solid grip on difficult material with the versatility of the incredible chain section. You can...

  • Reed

    Reed CV2 Chain Vice - 02510

    *GST Inclusive
    $324.87 *GST Inclusive

    Reed CV2 Chain Vice - 02510 Easily work with irregularly shaped pipes and tubes with the flexibility of the REED CV2 Three-Sided Jaws. Durable chain sections provide heavy-duty strength and versatility, while the three-sided jaws provide you with twice...

  • Reed

    Reed R450 152mm Export Tripod Pipe Vice - 02312

    *GST Inclusive
    $1,434.27 *GST Inclusive

    Reed R450 152mm Tripod Pipe Vice - 02312 As one of the strongest pipe vices we carry, the REED R450 – 152mm Tristand is an excellent choice when you need additional strength on the job. Manufactured from heavy gauge steel with overlapping hinges,...

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