Tie Down Products

Trust ANC Distribution to provide some of the safest, most efficient, and highest performing webbing products in the cargo hauling industry. Our selection of web tie-downs and hardware provide the much-needed strength to get the job done with the lasting durability and ease of use our customers desire. Browse our selection or contact us to find the best webbing product for your application.


Heavy-duty freight securement jobs are no problem with the dependable strength and lasting integrity of ratchet tie-downs from ANC Distribution. Engineered and manufactured to grant you complete control, these tie-downs feature tough steel ratchet buckle handles to achieve proper tension with minimal effort and maximum efficiency. The high-performance polyester webbing features a tightly woven thread that offers both excellent strength and durability you can count on. The webbing boasts strong resistance to wear, abrasion, and moisture to ensure the tie-down retains its value despite regular use in some of the toughest road conditions. Not only that, but thanks to polyester's quality stretch properties, the webbing can easily endure regular tensioning and retain its strength for years. Strong metal hooks and keepers provide a solid grip on your trailer's anchor points for optimal holding power, safety, and securement over your load. 

Webbing Hardware

ANC Distribution hardware combines strength and durability with carbon steel construction and reliable finishes for resistance against rust and corrosion. We offer a variety of hardware; from sturdy ratchet and cam buckles to tough D-rings, hooks, and fittings, you can quickly find and choose the best hardware options that match your application. Made with high-quality steel for strength and passivated with gold to fend off corrosion, our line of hardware can allow you to continue using your favorite ANC Distribution tie-down equipment for years without replacing entire units.

Webbing Hardware
Webbing Straps

When you need versatile, heavy-duty solutions to heavy-duty challenges, ANC Distribution’s got your back with our premium, high-performance webbing products! Our vast line of standard to unique web products, tie-downs, and straps provides you with the options you need to tackle a wide variety of cargo securement jobs, like crate tie-down, pallets, vehicle securement, logging, and more. No need to worry about the quality of our webbing products, as all our products are made to the highest specifications and combined with convenient, efficient hardware and features that meet or exceed our customers’ expectations. High-performance webbing and strong steel hardware mean you can rely on our web product line for years to come!

Webbing Straps


ANC Distribution offers a wide assortment of replacement straps as well as custom strap solutions to specifically match your tie-down application.

Replacement Straps

Made with high-performance polyester webbing and designed to provide superior strength, durability, and longevity, ANC Distribution replacement straps are excellent economical choices when you need to tie-down heavy-duty cargo! We added a special protective coat to the strong weave webbing, granting it improved resistance to water absorption and freezing. With this improved weather resistance along with the straps’ high durability, ANC Distribution straps can be confidently and effectively used for the harsh conditions of daily freight operations no matter the weather conditions!

Our selection of replacement straps ranges in widths, lengths, and lashing capacities so you can choose the strap that best accommodates your needs. The included hooks and keepers are all made of high-quality carbon alloy steel for high strength and resilience. A zinc-plated gold chromate coat has also been applied to the steel to improve its resistance to rust and corrosion, ensuring years of reliable performance.

Custom Straps

We design and manufacture custom load restraint equipment specifically for your company! All our custom straps are made with the same high-performance polyester weave that our industrial tie-downs feature for high strength, durability, and reliability for longer. We give you a wide range of strap and hardware options so you can easily mix and match which options work best for your specific application. Follow the simple six step process below to build your own straps!

Custom Strap Six Step Process:

  1. What strength rating is required from the strap?
  2. What length and width do you need from the strap?
  3. What colour strap do you need?
  4. What type of hook, loop, or fitting is required to secure the load?
  5. Do you require protective sleeves on the strap?
  6. Would you like stenciling on your strap?

All ANC Distribution straps comply to ASNZ 4380.

Lashing Capacity

ANC Distribution straps are independently tested and rated to meet the Australian and New Zealand standard AS/NZ 4380.2001. Thanks to high-performance polyester webbing, our straps are both strong and durable. A long-lasting coating protects the straps from water absorption and freezing, meaning they can be used effectively in inclement weather! Ratings can range from 30kg. to 5,000kg. and above.

Web Sizes/Lengths

We produce webbing straps in 25mm., 35mm., 44mm., 50mm., and 75mm. right through to 100mm. Our straps can be easily customized to suit your requirements and perfectly match your applications! Ranging from a 300mm. strap to the popular 9m. and 11m. straps on flatbed trailers, and the fully customized strap reaching 100mm. x 40m. and above, our wide selection of lengths and widths gives you full control over your tie-downs.


With a diverse range of colours, we are able to fully customize webbing straps for clients throughout New Zealand! Choose from white, red, blue, green, yellow, black, orange and army green - to name just a few. However, by working closely with our supplier we are also able to match corporate colours with webbing colours, meaning you have full creative control over your straps and brand.


ANC Distribution supplies an assorted range of hardware fittings that enhance and personalize webbing straps to meet the exact load restraint and functional requirements of our clients. We have designed many new and unique fittings through our close relationships with our suppliers and clients that help keep our clients ahead of the competition! Choose from a variety of hooks, rings, and track fittings to create the perfect strap for you.


The ability to stencil a company name or logo onto customized webbing allows the you to showcase your company to the market while reducing the incidents of theft. Let us help you personalize your straps to represent your brand! Minimum orders apply to stenciling jobs.

Webbing Hardware

Our selection of webbing hardware allows you to keep your tie-downs in optimal condition and ensure you have the necessary strength to secure a variety of cargo types with ease and control.

Cam Buckles & Overcentre Buckles

If you’re looking for the most economical webbing hardware, then our cam and overcentre buckles are your best option. These buckles are easy to both use and maintain thanks to their simple but super-tough design and construction. The webbing easily passes through the buckle and can be tightened manually to the appropriate tension. A gold-chromate finish adds extra protection against corrosion for an inexpensive and long-lasting piece of strap hardware you can depend on.


Webbing requires super-strong hooks to anchor to your trailer and keep your cargo held firmly down for the entire trip, and that’s where ANC Distribution comes in. We provide some of the toughest web strap hooks in the industry with high-strength carbon steel construction and a zinc-plated gold chromate coating, which offers excellent resistance to corrosion and rust. Our hooks include rave hooks, flat hooks, snap hooks, and web hooks and keepers so you have enough options to tackle the job with high safety and confidence.

Ratchet Buckles

Ratchet buckles from ANC Distribution are the optimal way to add efficiency and ease of use to your tensioning process. Made with high-strength steel and finished with a gold chromate coating, these buckles stand up to nearly any weather and road conditions and last for years. Their quick ratcheting design gives you an edge on speed and can help you complete the tensioning process in 33% less time compared to cam buckles, allowing you to finish the job and get back on the road faster. The smooth ratcheting design makes tightening the strap not only fast but easy and simple.

When you need versatile, heavy-duty solutions to heavy-duty challenges, ANC Distribution’s got your back with our premium, high-performance webbing products!

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