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Shipping liquids is an extremely difficult and costly process that most shipping containers aren't designed for. Rather than rely on the use of bespoke solutions that limit the use of the transportation tank or the use of smaller transportation units, flexitanks are the dynamic and world leading solution for the bulk transport of food-grade and non-hazardous liquids nationally and internationally.

Waterplex® offers a variety of flexitanks and bulk liquid solutions to ensure effective liquid control for transport or storage whenever you need it.

Integrated Bulkhead Flexitanks

The trusty E-Flex flexitank from ANC Distribution is the world-leading, self-supporting flexitank and the first to offer a wide array of unique advantages thanks to its integrated bulkhead design.

Integrated Bulkhead Flexitanks
  • LiquA

    LiquA H-Flex Flexitank Heating System

    LiquA Flexitank H-Flex Heating System The LiquA H-Flex Steam Liner is the innovative idea of introducing a total heating system into a flexitank using a chamber that preserves and circulates steam all around the flexitank. The H-Flex works by applying up...

  • LiquA

    LiquA R-Flex 20' Reefer Flexitanks

    LiquA 20' R-Flex Reefer Flexitanks Waterplex introduces the world leading superior self-supporting LiquA R-Flex Reefer Flexitank range.  This incredibly dependable flexitank can transform your refrigerated shipping container into a reliable and...

  • LiquA

    LiquA E-Flex 20' GP Dual Compartment Flexitanks

    LiquA 20' E-Flex GP Dual Compartment Flexitanks Carry 2 separate bulk-liquid cargos in a single container! Now you can carry red and white wine, or two separate types of oil, in the same container - a world first. Total Capacity Top Tier Bottom...

  • LiquA

    LiquA E-Flex 20' GP Flexitanks

    LiquA 20' E-Flex GP Flexitanks When engineering the LiquA E-Flex Flexitanks - we made sure to give it the capabilities necessary to withstand the forces required to hold a liquid inside a container without moving. Designed to improve the transportation...

  • LiquA

    LiquA E-Flex 20' GP 26,000 Litre Flexitank for WINE

    LiquA E-Flex 20' GP 26,000 Litre Wine Flexitank With features designed specifically for the transportation of wine, this 26,000 Litre Flexitank allows you to transport over 8% more cargo than your competition! Savings that are realised right across the...

  • LiquA

    I-Flex Storage Flexitank

    Waterplex I-Flex Storage Flexitank The Waterplex I-Flex Flexitank is a food-grade bladder tank that is designed to provide reliable and flexible short and long term storage for food manufacturers with limited permanent storage capacity. Additionally, the...

What is a Flexitank Container?

A flexitank container is a flexible bulk liquid container that is placed inside a shipping container for the transport of most types of food-grade and non-hazardous liquids. It is similar to a water bladder in structure but is built specifically for transport. It is a commonly accepted solution for the transport of bulk liquids in Australia and worldwide and is also approved by stringent guidelines set by international bodies for the carriage of bulk liquid products by sea.

Benefits of a Flexitank Container

These tanks are constructed of multiple layers of food-grade polyethylene with an outer covering of woven polypropylene. They are a cost-effective alternative since they reduce the cost and amount of packaging required to transport bulk liquid in a shipping container. Flexitanks also cost less to load and unload and take much less time for the unloading process, usually requiring only one or two people to install them. The flexitanks are much more efficient because they significantly increase the capacity that can be transported inside a container because the tank makes greater use of the available space, making them superior to individual smaller containers, which waste space due to their shape and the empty space left in an ocean container.

Integrated Bulkhead Flexitanks

The trusty E-Flex flexitank from Waterplex® is the world-leading, self-supporting flexitank and the first to offer a wide array of unique advantages thanks to its integrated bulkhead design. Self-supporting, integrated bulkhead flexitanks allow for superior shipping capacities per container load while eliminating any risk of damage to the container side walls from pressure. For a complete and convenient liquid tank solution for shipping applications, go with integrated bulkhead flexitanks.

K-FLEX – Flexible IBC

By replacing the rigid tank and steel frame of standard plastic intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) with a more flexible and structurally sound transport solution, the K-Flex Flexible IBC from Waterplex® is capable of shipping up to 1,000 litres of liquid. Suitable for most non-hazardous liquid products, the K-Flex transport solution can add convenience and control to the job thanks to a cost-effective and easily installed design. Able to be packed to a fraction of its filled size and easily stored, this flexible IBC can be transported with ease anywhere it’s needed, while a flat-pack format permits the K-Flex to be shipped efficiently at low costs to the point of filling. The food-grade liner comes pre-installed in the reinforced outer, making the K-Flex immediately ready to assemble and fill.

Benefits of the K-Flex IBC

The K-Flex is designed for single use to prevent cross-contamination of liquids, and so to reduce costs overall, some components of the flexible IBC are fully reusable while others can be recycled. Quickly assembled and fully stackable, the K-Flex gives you a leg up over conventional forms of liquid shipping, helping to significantly increase shipping load capacities and utilize all available space in a shipping container or truck trailer. Thanks to a self-supporting design, the K-Flex will not put pressure on container side walls, which can cause damage. Due to their flexibility, when not in use, the IBCs pack to a fraction of the assembled size so that they can be carried as "tanks" to use if a liquid transport back load opportunity arises at any time.

Flexitank Site Storage

Liquatrans offers high-quality bladder tanks offer emergency or temporary storage of food-grade and non-hazardous liquids as well as other dependable transport solutions and static liquid storage solutions. Thanks to their easy-to-assemble and easy-to-fill design, Liquatrans bladder tanks are immediately ready to fill for temporary liquid storage as soon as they are unboxed and rolled out onto the desired location.

Storing extra liquids is no hassle with these bladder tanks, whether your storage capacity is close to full, when long-term storage capacity is limited by capital constraints, or when seasonal changes in supply or demand outstrip available capacity. With storage capacities of up to 70,000 litres in a single tank, these tanks can be customised for specific requirements, which may include deployment on rough ground, UV (or light) protection, or even oxygen transmission reduction. They can also be manifolded together to create a tank farm.

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