Instruction Manuals

Included herein are a selection of detailed and comprehensive instruction manuals for our vast array of REMS pipe tools. Instructions on safety, installation, operation, maintenance, and more are included to help you stay safe while getting the very most out of your REMS tools for cutting, grooving, bending, and assembling pipe. Step-by-step directions ensure easy reading with efficient operation so you can immediately start the pipefitting job and get it done properly. For any further questions or clarifications, don’t hesitate to contact one of our REMS pipe tool experts here at ANC Distribution!


Learn more about the REMS Frigo 2 and how to produce fast and easy freezing of pipes that are not drained for repair and extension of piping system purposes.

For any problems regarding your REMS Axial and Radial Press Tools, such as the Power-Press, Akku-Press, Ax-Press, and Mini-Press, refer to this informative instruction manual.

Read up on the operation and maintenance of the REMS Akku LED Lamp, the practical, ultra light hand and standing lamp for lighting up your workplace.

The REMS E-Push 2, a powerfully electric pressure testing pump for piping systems, is easy to handle, and this instruction manual keeps your informed on operation and maintenance.

Learn more about all of the capabilities of the REMS Helix VE, which is a powerful, handy power tool for drilling, driving in and loosening screws, and deburring pipes.

This instruction manual contains information on the operation and maintenance of the REMS Multi-Push SL and the REMS Multi-Push SLW, electronic flushing and pressure testing units.

For more information on the operation and maintenance of the REMS Push and REMS Push Inox hand pressure testing pumps, refer to this informative instruction manual.

Refer to this incredibly detailed and informative instruction manual in regards to the operation and maintenance of the REMS Solar Push I 80 and the REMS Solar Push K 60.

For more information on the handling and operation and maintenance of the REMS Amigo, Amigo E, Amigo 2, and Amigo 2 Compact, please refer to this instruction manual.

The REMS Eva hand die stock with quick-change die heads is a proven quality die stock with excellent threading capabilities, and you can learn more about it in this instruction manual.

With the help of this handy instruction manual, you will learn how to operate and clean your REMS Roll Grooving hand die stock that offers excellent start-cutting and threading.

For instructions on how to operate and maintain the REMS Tornado, Magnum 2000, Magnum 3000, and Magnum 4000, please refer to this handy and detailed manual.

The REMS Tiger ANC, Tiger ANC VE, Tiger ANC SR, Tiger ANC Pneumatic, Puma VE, Cat ANC VE, and Akku-Cat ANC VE are powerful, electric, universal, pipe, pneumatic, or cordless reciprocating saws.

The REMS Turbo K is a universal circular metal sawing machine with an automatic cooling lubricant unit, and the REMS Cu-INOX is a powerful circular pipe sawing machine.

This incredibly detailed and handy instruction manual will show you how to operate and maintain the REMS Nano electric tube and piping cutter and the REMS Akku-Nano cordless pipe cutter.

Learn more about how to full operate your new REMS Cento and REMS DueCento pipe cutting machines by reviewing the maintenance and warning information in this instruction manual.

Read the instruction manual for more information regarding your new REMS Curvo and Curvo 50 electric pipe and tube benders, Akku-Curvo cordless tube bender, and Sinus hand tube bender.

The REMS Swing is a powerful single-hand tube bender that can easily bend pipes and tubes to the right angle, and this instruction manual will show you how it’s done.

The REMS CamScope, CamScope S, and CamScope Wi-Fi are endoscope cameras with radio signal transmission or Wi-Fi radio standard that give you a clear picture of what’s inside the pipes.

Turn on the powerful REMS Cobra 22 and REMS Cobra 32, electric pipe and drain cleaning machines, and refer to this instruction manual for proper operation and maintenance.

The REMS Eskimo offers simple, fast freezing of unemptied pipes with a carbon dioxide coolant for repair and extensions of piping systems, and this instruction manual shows you how it’s done.

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