Smooth Jaw Wrenches

For tough pipefitting jobs that require a more delicate touch to prevent marring or crushing, we recommend our selection of efficient and easy-to-use smooth jaw wrenches.

  • Reed

    REED 279mm Smooth Jaw Spud Wrench - 02112

    *GST Inclusive
    $100.93 *GST Inclusive

    REED 279mm Smooth Jaw Spud Wrench - 02112 With the REED 279mm Smooth Jaw Spud Wrench, you have the necessary strength and versatility to easily handle a variety of geometrically shaped pipes and fittings. Made from heavy-duty, high-tensile ductile iron,...

  • Reed

    REED 254mm Smooth Jaw Hex Wrench - 02111

    *GST Inclusive
    $84.85 *GST Inclusive

    REED 254mm Smooth Jaw Hex Wrench - 02111 Look to the versatility and strength of the REED 254mm Smooth Jaw Hex Wrench to handle a variety of tough, hex-shaped fittings. Designed with a large capacity, smooth jaw, this wrench is ideal for geometric and...

Hex Wrenches

Reed® offers large capacity smooth jaw wrenches for geometric and delicate work. The R110HEX hex wrench works for hex-shaped fittings on meters, drains, spuds, and chrome valves without any risk of damaging pipe from teeth, meaning finished and visible surfaces are safe. Built heavy-duty, the hex wrench is made from ductile iron with forged steel hook jaws and offers a larger capacity than adjustable wrenches without marring chrome, brass, or other fittings.

Hex Wrenches are ideal for when handling nuts, hex fittings, unions, and valve packing nuts that are too large for traditional plumbers' adjustable spanners. This is thanks to the design of the large jaw opening, which can fit a range of fittings that are on the larger side. With a long and comfortable handle, this wrench is easy to use.

Spud Wrenches

The RSPUD smooth jaw wrench from Reed® is for square, hex, or octagonal shapes where toothed pipe wrenches are not a good option. Heavy-duty and made from ductile iron with forged steel hook jaws, the spud wrench provides strength and durability that lasts while offering larger capacity than adjustable wrenches. By adding a spud wrench to your toolbox, you effectively give yourself more options for taking on a variety of jobs with efficiency and ease.

The Spud Wrench is designed with an open end at one end with a spike at the other end. The main purpose of this wrench is to help line up bolts using the spiked end and fastening these bolts using the open end. These wrenches offer a good advantage when it comes to standard plumbing jobs. The smooth jaws are gentle on finished and visible surfaces. Although it’s a large capacity wrench, the design ensures it won’t mar chrome, brass, or other fittings.

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