Strap Wrenches

When tightening or loosening objects that are circular in shape, you’ll want to use the Reed® strap wrench for the job. This wrench is designed to easily wrap around the pipe, and it stays in place through the static friction of the gripping strap. Specially used for plumbing fittings, the strap wrench is a great choice for workers who are constantly handling pipework.

Strap wrenches provide gripping power without scratching or deforming plastic or polished metal pipe, and can be easily used on plastic pipe, filters, or any slick or smooth surface with ease. Strap wrenches work well on irregular shapes, too. Reed® has included an extra strong, coated polyester strap with the wrench to provide slip resistance and durability to last. SW12A30 and SW18A48 have extra-long straps for increased leverage on large diameters.

  • Reed

    REED 609mm Strap Wrench - 02250

    *GST Inclusive
    $236.69 *GST Inclusive

    REED 609mm Strap Wrench - 02250 The REED 609mm Strap Wrench is the wrench of choice for getting a secure grip on smooth DIAMETER 60-324mm pipes and tubes up to DIAMETER 350mm. Featuring a high-tensile ductile iron handle, this wrench offers excellent...

  • Reed

    REED 457mm Strap Wrench - 02249

    *GST Inclusive
    $195.06 *GST Inclusive

    REED 457mm Strap Wrench - 02249 With the REED 457mm Strap Wrench, you have the versatility and reliable gripping power to secure smooth and slick DIAMETER 33-127mm pipes with ease. The handle is engineered from high-tensile ductile iron, which gives it...

  • Reed

    REED 304mm Strap Wrench - 02248

    *GST Inclusive
    $97.79 *GST Inclusive

    REED 304mm Strap Wrench - 02248 Get a firm grip on slick and smooth DIAMETER 10-63mm pipes with the versatility and strength of the REED 304mm Strap Wrench. Made from high-tensile ductile iron and featuring an extra strong, slip-resistant, coated...

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