Hinged Cutters

ANC provides you with high-quality Reed® hinged cutters for smooth, accurate pipe cuts. Featuring four strong wheels, our hinged cutters can cut through steel, stainless steel, and cast and ductile iron with only 90° to 110° handle swing with only a 4” (125 mm) clearance required around pipe. Strong guide fingers ensure perfect wheel alignment for square cuts, while a closed 360° frame on the cutter forces all energy into cutting the pipe for maximum strength and efficiency. Reed® hinged cutters don’t produce any shower of sparks in the cold cut, and they are the only hinged cutters that track every time, and the only ones recommended for ductile iron, steel, and stainless steel to Schedule 100.

To operate the hinged cutter, first open the lower yoke by depressing the latch and place the cutter onto the pipe. Close the lower yoke and tighten the cutter to bring the lower wheels in contact with the pipe by turning the crank. Continue the cutting process by rocking the cutter back and forth 90° to 110°. Continue cutting while maintaining as much pressure on the cutting wheels as possible.

  • Reed

    Reed H12S 203mm-304mm Hinged Cutter - 03150

    *GST Inclusive
    $3,927.51 *GST Inclusive

    Reed H12S Hinged Cutter (203mm-304mm) - 03150 More than capable of improving your cutting experience, the REED Hinged Cutter for 203mm-304mm pipes is light with a durable, heat-treated, high shock-resistant tool steel body. Easily maneuvered and handled,...

  • Reed

    Reed H8S 152mm-203mm Hinged Pipe Cutter - 03140

    *GST Inclusive
    $2,864.83 *GST Inclusive

    Reed H8S Hinged Pipe Cutters (152mm-203mm) - 03140 Get your hands on the REED Hinged Cutting for 152mm-203mm pipes to experience fast and effortless pipe cutting. This cutter is versatile, easy to handle, and can be used nearly anywhere, including in...

  • Reed

    Reed H6S 101mm-152mm Hinged Pipe Cutter - 03130

    *GST Inclusive
    $2,167.23 *GST Inclusive

    Reed H6S Hinged Pipe Cutters (101mm-152mm) - 03130 More than ready to take on the ever-increasing demands of the industry, the REED Hinged Cutter for 101mm-152mm pipes is built with durability in mind. Made from heat-treated high shock-resistant tool...

  • Reed

    Reed H4S 50mm-101mm Hinged Pipe Cutter - 03120

    *GST Inclusive
    $1,669.20 *GST Inclusive

    Reed H4S Hinged Pipe Cutters (50mm-101mm) - 03120 The REED Hinged Cutter for 50mm-101mm pipes is the ideal tool to have for a variety of applications thanks to its versatile design that can be used anywhere for clean and precise cuts. Featuring four...

ANC provides you with high-quality Reed® hinged cutters for smooth, accurate pipe cuts through steel, stainless steel, and cast and ductile iron.

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