ANC Distribution winches are built from the ground up to be strong, durable, and reliable when securing light or heavy loads thanks to high-quality steel construction! ANC Distribution winches take quality to the next level with every winch being made to our highest specifications. Built with high-strength carbon alloy pawl pins and a seamless, solid steel mandrel, our winches can stand up to long-term use. To protect your webbing from abrasion, the web slots in the mandrel have been smooth ground, meaning your webbing will last longer. For even greater durability and long-lasting performance, we added a zinc-plated gold chromate finish to our winches, which adds an extra layer of resistance against rust and corrosion, meaning you don’t have to worry as much about using our winches during inclement weather.


We offer a variety of winch models and configurations to match several different applications and meet your particular needs. With slide on winches and clip on winches, standard and ratchet cap configurations, and single or double boss styles, you can pick and choose the best winch for you!

Slide On Winches

ANC Distribution slide on winches feature efficiency and convenience with the ability to be positioned at any point along the side rails of a flatbed trailer. With extra placement options, you can more easily take on unique tie-down jobs. With only high-quality materials and components, our slide on winches will not only last for years but remain at peak performance for longer. Our winches meet our highest standards and carry on the ANC Distribution legacy.

Clip On Winches

Designed to easily clip into truck tie rails for quick operation, ANC Distribution clip on winches don’t sacrifice any quality when it comes to proper materials and components. All our winches are built with high-strength carbon alloy steel and finished with an additional layer of zinc-plated gold chromate for resistance against rust and corrosion.

Ratchet Winches

If you’re looking for a winch option that helps improve efficiency and provides smoother operation, look to ANC Distribution ratchet winches. With a ratchet cap winch, the winch bar stays in the winch throughout the entire tensioning, significantly reducing the risk of winch bar rollover and effectively reducing your tensioning time up to 33% on average. This improved efficiency can save you time on the job and get you back on the road faster!

Double Boss Winches

ANC Distribution double boss winches feature caps on either side of the winch, allowing you to better handle clearance issues. With a double boss winch, you have more options for securing cargo! We ensure our double boss winches are designed and developed for smooth operation and long-lasting performance you can rely on for years to come.

Silvercap Overdrive Ratcheting Cap

To turn any winch instantly into a ratcheting winch to improve efficiency and provide quicker, easier operation, just attach ANC Distribution’s Silvercap Overdrive Ratcheting Cap! The Overdrive Ratcheting Cap has been engineered to feature the enhanced ratcheting mechanism employed by all ANC Distribution’s ratcheting winches. With a ratcheting winch, the winch bar stays in the winch until the strap is tight, and so tensioning time is reduced by 33% and the risk of winch bar rollover is reduced. The Overdrive Ratcheting Cap features a lubricated cap with a Grime Guard Weather-Tight Seal and installs easily onto most standard winches using the tools provided.

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