LiquA H-Flex Flexitank Heating System

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LiquA H-Flex Flexitank Heating System

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LiquA Flexitank H-Flex Heating System

The LiquA H-Flex Steam Liner is the innovative idea of introducing a total heating system into a flexitank using a chamber that preserves and circulates steam all around the flexitank. The H-Flex works by applying up to 4 bars, 130-degree C steam into the Steam Liner where it is distributed and circulated from the top to the bottom to the centre of the flexitank, heating the cargo with a high transmission rate. Eventually, the 130-degree C steam condenses to 20-degree C water by transmitting its whole heat/energy to the cargo.

Adding Steam and Disperser Grids to the system creates the LiquA H-Flex Plus - ensuring that the heating operation works smoothly and flawlessly, for even the toughest solidfying bulk-liquid cargos. The plastic grids are designed to elevate the flexitank in order to generate a gap/tunnel underneath for efficient steam distribution. The disperser then distributes the steam through the grid tunnels directly to the critical points, such as the center and the front end of the flexitank. Together, they provide a working harmony that helps make the H-Flex into such an innovative system.

Add the H-Flex system to any LiquA flexitank to create the perfect solution for solidifying commodities.

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