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REMS RAS CU-INOX 64mm-120mm Tubing Cutter - 113500

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REMS RAS CU-INOX 64mm-120mm Tubing Cutter - 113500

$495.12 *GST Inclusive
*GST Inclusive
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REMS RAS CU-INOX (64mm-120mm) - 113500

For handling extra-thick, extra-tough, and extra-durable pipes, go with the reliable REMS RAS Cu-INOX for 64mm-120mm tubes. As the ideal tool for handling heavy-duty applications, this cutter boasts a robust, solid, powder coated alloy design provides plenty of durability and strength to easily slice through thick brass, aluminum, thin-walled steel, thin-walled stainless steel, and copper. Its ergonomic, handy operating knob in metal makes it easy to use while offering a long service life.

In order to ensure exact alignment of the cutter to the tube, easy in-feed, easy cutting, and precise right angle cutting, the RAS Cu-INOX features a sturdy spindle, a long spindle guidance, and four specially hardened back pressure rollers that all work together flawlessly. The strong specially hardened die-cast cutter wheel is protected against touching these back pressure rollers by in-feed limitation. This offer comes with a REMS RM113210 cutting wheel.

REMS RAS Cu-INOX 64mm-120mm – RM113500 Quick Specs:

  • Cuttable Materials: Copper, Stainless Steel, Steel, Aluminum, Brass
  • Body Material: Powder Coated Alloy
  • Rollers/Spindles/Cutter Wheels: Hardened Steel
  • Supplied With: RM113210 Cutting Wheel
  • Weight: 1.3400kg
  • Length: 380mm
  • Width: 160mm
  • Height: 65mm

REMS RM113500 Package Contents:

  • 1 x RM113500 REMS RAS Cu-INOX 64mm-120mm
  • 1 x RM113210 REMS Cutter Wheel
Cuttable Materials:
Cuttable Materials:
Stainless Steel
Cuttable Materials:
Cuttable Materials:
Cuttable Materials:
Body Material:
Powder Coated Alloy
Rollers/Spindles/Cutter Wheels:
Hardened Steel
1 Year Warranty – Conditions Apply

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