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Eco Sac Bladder Tank Protective Covers

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Eco Sac Bladder Tank Protective Covers

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Protective Covers for Eco Sac Bladder Tank

Waterplex Eco Sac Bladder Tanks are an excellent and dependable solution to storing water on your property with their ability to store more water per square metre than any other type of bladder tank. Such a valuable and efficient tank should be kept in good condition so that you'll have trusted water storage for years to come. That's where our Waterplex Protective Covers come into play.

If your Eco Sac Bladder Tank is exposed to any UV rays, if it's is located under an open deck through which sharp objects might fall and potentially damage the bladder tank (including cigarette butts), if you oil your deck while your tank is underneath it, or if you have pets that may crawl over or around your tank (please note that a protective cover is not a guarantee against damage from your pet), then you should consider covering up the Eco Sac.

These protective covers are designed to protect the Eco Sac from getting covered in debris or dirt while also shielding it from UV rays. The covers are fully shaped and gusseted to fit your tank. They have "buckle and clip" webbing straps at each leg and around the inlet and outlet fittings to ensure it is secure in the strongest of winds. Each protective cover has a modular design format so that the component pieces are "zipped" together using a large gauge robust zip. This is particularly important to ensure that any water that falls through your deck drains away and does not create a breeding area for mosquitoes.

Please note that these protective covers are not meant to be used to protect the tank from damaging or abrasive materials such as deck stain or paints.

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